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  • I Just Want To Be Killed

    我只想被各位打死, 急募俺を殺してくれる人, I Only Want Everybody to Beat Me to Death, Wo Zhi Xiang Bei Gewei Dasi, I Just Want to Be Beaten by Everyone, Wǒ Zhǐ Xiǎng Bèi Gèwèi Dǎsǐ, Ta Chỉ Muốn Bị Các Vị Đánh Chết, 환생불사, I Just Want to Be Beaten to Death by Everyone
  • Author(s) : Ciweimao, 刺猬猫漫画
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : 2022-05-08
  • Views : 1377
  • Genre: Isekai, Adventure, Shounen, Comedy, Manhua, Martial arts, Action

I Just Want To Be Killed:

Yu Le got sent to another world after dying from overworking and got a golden item that every male mc gets — system. But Yu Le did not meet the requirement which means that he have to say goodbye to the system temporarily. To reactivate the system again, he will have to live this life with zero motivation. So, wanting to activate the system as soon as possible, to get the ability to live forever, Yu Le has decided to court for death. But why is he not dying even when he's trying so hard to, instead, he's becoming stronger?!
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